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The Second Christmas Concert for the Troops 1916

Review of the concert held in the school from the Grantham Journal of 18th November 1916

The second annual concert was given in the Council School on Thursday week in aid of the Upper Broughton Soldiers Christmas Gift Fund and was an unqualified success.
The room was filled with a sympathetic and enthusiastic audience, who showed their appreciation in unstinted applause. The concert is registered under the War Charities Act, 1916 the secretary being Mr J M Walker (who also acts as musical director), the treasurer Mr H J Worthington, auditor the Reverend F J Challoner, committee messrs W A Poole,  L Richardson, G Whitlock and C J Worthington. The concert room presented a charming spectacle, being tastefully decorated, the work of the secretary and his Boy Scouts. These latter rendered invaluable help. The Reverend F J Challoner in his first appearance at such a large gathering, made an ideal chairman. The excellent programme arranged by the secretary had the "roll of honour" printed at the back. Miss Rita Waller, who opened the concert, executed her pianoforte solos with spirit and taste; her rendering of Webers "Rondo in E flat" being a most brilliant effort, for which she received a storm of applause. Madame Helen Roberts, a soprano of great ability, quickly found a way to the hearts of her audience, her waltz from "The Pirates of Penzance" and "Annie Laurie" will linger long in the memory of her listeners. Miss Nellie Miller possesses a sweet mezzo-soprano voice, and rendered her songs in delightful manner. Miss Sybil Farnsworth, soubrette, charmed her listeners with her tuneful songs. Mr Charles J Nugent raised much applause with his fine bass songs. The rapt attention and spontaneous applause of the audience over Mr Will Hill's violin solo showed unmistakably how his music was appreciated. Madame Johnson and Miss Mabel Walker were most skilful accompanists, and all the artistes received well merited encores, and freely responded.

Pianoforte solo Rachmaninov's Prélude, Miss Rita Waller
Songs, "Before the Dawn" Miss Nellie Miller, "Kentucky Home" Miss Sybil Farnsworth;
Violin solo, (A) "Intermezzo" (B) "Mazzurka" Mr Will Hill;
Songs "Glorious Devon" Mr Charles J Nugent: Waltz song from "Tom Jones" Madame Helen Roberts;
Violin solo "Danse de Laiblun" Mr Will Hill:
Songs "My Dearest Heart" Miss Nellie Miller: "Jack Britain" Mr C J Nugent: "Apple Blossom Time", Madame Helen Roberts;
Pianoforte solo, "Webers Rondo in E flat", Miss Rita Waller
Songs "Lillies and You" Miss Nellie Miller; "Major-General Worthington", Mr C J Nugent; "Tennessee" Miss Sybil Farnsworth;
Violin solo "Berceuse de Jocelyn" Mr W S Hill
Songs Waltz song from "the Pirates of Penzance" Madame Roberts: "The Admirals Yara" Mr Charles Nugent: "Ma Curly-headed Bobby”  Mrs Nellie Miller:
Violin solo "Saltarelle" Mr Will Hill
Songs "My ain Folk" Miss Sybil Farnsworth; Mr W S Hill; "Auntie Laurie" Madame Helen Roberts; "Who’ll Marry Me?" Mr C J Nugent; "Until" Miss Sybil Farnsworth.

Mr Walker thanked the audience on behalf of the soldiers for their presence in such goodly numbers. Every penny taken at the door and by sale of tickets would be spent on the soldiers, all the incidental expenses being borne by the committee. At the close, the Rev F Challoner, in well chosen words, thanked the artistes for their splendid services and hoped the villagers would have an opportunity of hearing them again. At his call, hearty cheers were given for the King, the performers and the soldiers concluding with the National Anthem. The committee are greatly indebted to Sir Jesse Boot and others for the loan of flags and bunting. There will be approximately £11 to disperse in Christmas gifts to the brave soldier boys on active service.

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