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Did any Jewish Children stay in Upper Broughton?

During the 9 months before the outbreak of WWII, 10,000 Jewish children were transported to Britain from mainland Europe.  These were known as the Kindertransports, or children transports.

Our village’s surprising and fascinating link to Kindertransport emerged during the interviews with current and former villagers for the Oral History Project.

Memories were shared of a young Jewish boy, of about 7, who’d travelled to this country, and our village, from either Austria or Germany.  He went to live Mrs. Worthington at Broughton House.  She’d been a teacher locally and may have been asked to house him by Mrs. Victor Smith.

Despite extensive searches using local, national and international agencies, through some 60 emails and telephone calls, sadly no further trace of this young boy has been located.  This is principally because we don’t know his name, date of birth, when or where he came from and where he went to.  If you can shed any light on this mystery please let us know.

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