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Education in Upper Broughton

A retrospective on Education in Upper Broughton

With this year's deadline in mind, Pat Kingshott, Heather Chapman and I are trying to conclude our research into relevant material for our proposed booklet on 'Education'.

The problem is each time we go to Nottinghamshire Archives we find yet more fascinating information - which means that editing is going to be quite a challenge!

One example was just last week:  we were reading the School Board's Minute Books, wanting to discover who the first members of the Board were and other related matters.  However, we got somewhat lost in the to and fro of their 19th Century meetings.  Some 3 hours had just whizzed on by, and we'd only got up to a third of the way through each of the first 3 archive books.

So, a word of caution, allow plenty of time when visiting the Archives, whilst we're looking to back, their clocks zoom forward at an alarming rate, just eating up the hours.

We're looking forward to pooling our resources into the booklet, which we hope will provide an interesting retrospective on Education in Upper Broughton.  Jeanne Nicholls.

Hand written document 1874By kind permission of Nottinghamshire Archives

Printed School Board Bye Laws from 1870's for Upper & Nether Broughton.By kind permission Nottinghamshire Archives

Documents reproduced courtesy of Nottinghamshire Archives

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