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Burial Records 1776 - 1812

Upper Broughton Burial records for 1776 - 1812

BRETT Alice w Mr John
1776 Oct 29th
Mrs Mary w Mr Willm
1776 Dec 8th BROWN Elias
1776 Sept 1st HOPKIN Sarah d John & Sarah
1776 Sept 10th MANTON Mary d Thomas & Mary
1777 July 12th GRICE John s Richard & Margaret
1777 July 1st SMART Elizabeth w John
1777 March 19th STEPHENSON Alice d Joseph & Jane
1778 July KELHAM Charles

a person unknown
1779 BONNER John s John & Mary
1779 June 8th BROWN Alice w William
1779 Oct 21st CROSS Mr John
1779 July 12th GILL Hugh aged 77
1779 Nov 2nd HEMSLEY Mrs Mary
1779 July 2nd MACKLEY Mary w Edward
1779 July 27th STEPHENSON Ann d Joseph Stephenson
1779 July 27th STEPHENSON Jane w Joseph Stephenson
1780 Nov 17th BEESTON John a traveller from the parish of Fiskerton
1780 April 30th BRETT Mr Thomas
1780 Jan 12th BROWN Sarah d Henry & Elizabeth
1780 Nov 19th CROSS Thomas
1780 Jan 30th DAFT Elizabeth w William
1780 Oct 24th HEMSLEY Mr John
1780 Jan 6th HOLMES Thomas s John & Elizabeth
1780 Aug 21st ISHAM Elizabeth
1780 Oct 29th KINGSTON Susanah w William
1780 Feb 8th LORD Richard
1780 Oct 7th SLEE Joseph
1781 Jan 10th LOCKTON Mary d William & Hannah. Lay baptised
1781 May 15th CROSS Elizabeth widow of Mr John
1781 Dec 4th GILL Mary w William
1781 Sept 24th KNAPP John
1781 May 2nd LORD Sarah widow of Richard senior
1782 April 19th BRETT James aged 73
1782 May 14th BROWN James s Ellis & Elizabeth
1782 Aug 8th DAWSON William s Thomas & Elizabeth
1782 (no date) GRICE John infant s John & Mary
1782 May 1st JULIAN Hannah aged 85
1782 June 16th KNAPP Ann w old Richard
1782 Aug 1st SKERRIT Elizabeth d John & Elizabeth, aged 17
1783 Jan 26th FIELDING Joseph
1783 Aug ... KINGSTONE Richard
1783 June 8th PEAT Elizabeth widow of Tho.
1783 Apr 30th WHITE Elizabeth w Tho.
1784 May 20th ALSEBROOK Alice w William
1784 April 8th BRUTON Thomas s Eliz. Hebb
1784 Nov 13th HEBB Francis Buried in his own orchard, aged 71
1784 Mar 29th LOCKTON John s William & Hannah
1784 Feb 19th LONGLEY George
1784 May 31st NEAL Sarah widow of Nathaniel
1785 May 12th BUSS Martha d William & Hannah, age 18
1785 April 4th DAFT William Ragman
1785 May 20th DAYKIN Thomas of Hickling
1785 Sept 7th LOCKTON William aged 52
1785 Oct 30th LORD William s Mary & the late Richard
1785 Nov 22nd LORD Mary widow of Richard
1785 Dec 20th LORD Richard s the late Richard & Mary
1785 Sept 16th WAITE Jane a spinster
1785 March 14th WOOLLEY Thomas s John & Hannah
1786 Apr 2nd BUSS Hannah w William
1786 Jan 11th? CLARKE Elizabeth a pauper
1786 April 14th KELHAM William aged 52
1786 Nov 29th KNAPP Richard aged 91
1786 Oct 4th MILLER Sarah widow
1786 Dec 19th SMART John aged 90
1786 July 5th WOOLLEY William s J & H drowned
1787 Jan 13th BONNER Mary w John
1787 Sept 30th BROWN Henry s Henry & Elizabeth
1787 Dec 31st DAWSON Edward aged about 89
1787 March 10th GRICE Sarah w William
1787 Feb 1st WARTNABY Robert aged 86
1788 Oct 27th ALSEBROOK William aged 66
1788 Feb 3rd BRETT John gentleman
1788 Apr 23rd BUSS William aged 16
1788 Apr 3rd DAYKIN Sarah d Thomas & Elizabeth his wife
1788 March 23rd HEBB Elizabeth w Samuel
1788 March 15th MILLER Charles taylor
1788 June 20th MILLER Jarvis a weaver
1789 Jan 3rd BEELY Elizabeth
1789 Aug 6th BRETT Mary d John Brett in the corner
1789 May 15th CROSS William s John & Ann
1789 May 22nd DAWSON Thomas labourer
1789 May 21st GILL John labourer
1789 Feb 12th KINGSTON Samuel s Sam & Sarah
1789 Jan 13th KINGSTONE William aged 78
1789 Aug 4th LORD Ann
1789 April 27th MORLEY old Samuel
1790 Aug 29th GRICE John s Richard & Elizabeth
1790 Sept 19th HART Mary w William
1790 April 25th HEBB Elizabeth Buried in her orchard
1791 June 13th CAUNT Mary w William
1791 Dec 20th MANTON Mary a widow
1791 Dec 8th MARTIN Sarah w John of Nottingham
1792 Oct 2nd HOUGH Sarah
1792 March 4th MACKLEY Edward
1792 Feb 22nd WARTNABY Amy widow, aged 82
1792 May 21st WHITE Mary w Thomas
1793 Aug 12th BROWN Elizabeth w Ellis
1793 Dec 30th DIXON John s John & Hannah
1793 March 20th FRANKE Richard victualler
1793 March 24th HART Alice aged 75
1794 Aug 30th BROWN Dorothy d Henry
1794 Aug 13th CROSS Mary d John & Ann
1794 July 7th KNAPP Sarah widow
1795 May 28th BROWN Mary spinster
1795 (no date) HART William farmer
1795 June 6th KELHAM Jane widow
1796 Dec 7th DAYKIN Elizabeth widow
1796 May 24th GILL Elizabeth w William of Hoton Leics.
1796 Oct 29th GRICE Elizabeth w William senior Buried in the Anabaptists burial ground
1796 March 18th KELHAM Sarah w George Buried in the Anabaptists burial ground
1796 Apr 7th KNAPP Ann w Solomon
1797 April 29th BURNHAM Rebecca w John & d Henry & Elizabeth Brown
1797 April 24th CROSS Ann d John & Ann
1798 March 5th DAYKIN John farmer
1798 Jan 29th HEMSLEY Deborah w Peter
1798 Nov 19th KNAPP Dorothy w William
1799 Nov 12th DAYKIN Thomas s Thomas & Ann
1799 Nov 12th DAYKIN Ann w Thomas Daykin
1800 June 20th CULLEY John
1800 Oct 17th CULLEY Mary widow of John
1800 Sept 24th DAYKIN Samuel
1800 Dec 16th WARD Samuel gentleman
1800 March 28th WARTNABY Sarah w Edward
1801 Jan 23rd ELLENOR George s Gervas
1802 Oct 10th DIXON Elizabeth d John & Hannah
1802 Nov 2nd WILDBORE Revd Charles clerk who was minister of this parish thirty four years & in the 66th year of his age
1803 April 11th BRETT Ann d John & Ann Brett
1803 Aug 11th BRETT William
1803 Nov 25th BROWN Henry
1803 Oct 5th DAYKIN Elizabeth d of John & Sarah
1803 Aug 8th GRICE Mary d Richard & Elizabeth
1803 Aug 31st HEMSLEY Mary d John & Sarah
1803 July 18th HORNBUCKLE Thomas
1803 Nov 11th SKERRIT John
1803 Jan 9th WITE Elizabeth w Thomas (White in deleted entry)
1804 Jan 22nd BRETT William
1804 Oct 5th DIXON Hannah d John & Hannah
1804 Dec 3rd DIXON Hannah w John
1804 July 12th GRICE Margaret w Richard
1804 Feb 8th MILLER Hannah
1805 Sept 12th KNAPP William
1806 Dec 3rd GRICE William farmer
1806 Oct 3rd KNAPP Elizabeth w Solomon
1806 Sept 16th WARTNABY Robert gent
1807 Aug 5th CROSS William farmer
1807 Jan 16th DAYKIN Rebecca
1807 Jan 23rd PARK(?) William labourer
1807 Aug 6th WOOLLEY John farmer
1808 July 29th BRETT William s William & Eliz
1808 Aug 28th CROSS Samuel s Thomas & Elizabeth
1808 Sept 4th CROSS Mary d John & Ann
1808 May 7th HOLMES William
1810 March 20th KNAPP Solomon labourer , aged 64 years
1810 May 14th SARCEN Elizabeth w Joseph Sarcen of Old Dalby in Leicestershire, aged 48 years
1810 July 27th TURNER Mary w (?Edward) Turner of Willoughby in this county, aged 37 years
1810 Nov 15th
1811 Dec 13th CLARKE William s John & Mary, an infant
1811 Nov 5th JULIAN Henry labourer, aged 97 years
1811 April 30th WHITE Thomas labourer,aged 80 years
1812 Jan 22nd DAYKINS Elizabeth w Thomas
1812 Sept 2nd GRICE Samuel second s John & Mary, aged 24 years
1812 Feb 7th HORNBUCKLE Frances
1812 Oct 5th JOHNSTON Jacob s John & Sarah, an infant
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