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Church and Chapel

St Luke's Church and the former Baptist Chapel

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History of St Luke's Church
The church was originally dedicated to St Oswald and there is a stone carving in the church porch, reputedly said to be of Oswald. The parish is called Broughton Sulney which was a previous name for the village. The word Sulney relates to the family that owned the manor in the thirteenth century.
Brief History of the Chapel
The Baptist chapel operated in Chapel Lane for 200 years, closing in 1995. It served as a centre for a worshipping community which covered a wide area on the Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire wolds.
Chapel Burials
No burial register for the chapel has yet been located, this is a list of the gravestones both inside the chapel and in the burial ground. The number in the left hand column relates to the order they are in the chapel yard, starting at the gate onto the lane. The Chapel is now a private house. The Chapel yard is open to the public.
ARCHIBALD SELWYN PRYOR, Rector of Broughton Sulney 1933-1944
The Rector of Upper Broughton (often referred to as Broughton Sulney in ecclesiastical documents) was the only villager to be killed in the Second World War and his name is on the War Memoral in the churchyard.
Rectors of St Luke's Church
File Rectors of St Luke's Church - Rev Joseph Burrill
Rev Joseph Burrill was Rector of Upper Broughton from 1808 to 1853. However for much of that time he was running a Boarding School and Grammar School in Masham in North Yorkshire. He would have been receiving the rents from all the glebe land in Upper Broughton and employing a Curate to look after the spiritual needs of the villagers. Eventually he and his wife Lucinda moved to Upper Broughton. They died here and are both buried in the churchyard, although neither of them has a headstone.
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